Saturday, October 20, 2007

My experience for the cop recruit tests in the first part

I have had a dream that I could join the police since I was a boy. Yet I haven't had this opportunity because I went to university when I was 19, and I had been working in China and Hong Kong for 20 years. I am very glad to learn form a lecture at Unitec that I still have chance to become a cop if I can pass all the tests set for cop recruit.

I admit that it's a big challenge for me the pass the physical tests, especially the running for 2.4 kilometers within 12.15 seconds. In order to pass the test, I have been practicing running almost everyday for the past 4 months started from 14 Jun.,2007.

The police tests consist of a lot of items. The first part is the academic and physical test. These tests will have to be done within the same day. After a candidate has passed these tests, he/she will have to do a PCT test, which consists of 10 main items. Finally, he/she must pass the word speed typing assessment, basic computer skills test, pre-course reading test. After all of the above tests have successfully done, he/she then can go to the police college for a 10-month further study.

As already booked, I went to attend the first part test which consists of verbal reasoning test, numeric reasoning test, abstract test, running 2.4km, jump up at least 45cm, push-up 15 times, grip an object. The test started at 9am on 16 Oct., 2007. I passed all of the tests except the verbal reasoning test! There were 35 questions for verbal reasoning test. Questions had to be answered within 8 minutes. I reckon that I didn't use the strategy very well. I meant I had spent too much time on some questions, and when the police officer said “stop”, I had only answered less than half of those questions. I will have another chance to resit for the test, and I will have to focus on the timing and strategy next time.

I will keep on going for the tests. I love challenges.
Followings are some examples of the questions:-
1. Regret is to apology as guilt is to
Denial feat confession investigation sentence

2. habour is to hour and bar as breath is to bath and
Stick red length read width

3. island is to water as one of the following words is to perimeter
Centre hypotenuse diagonal without arc

4. accelerate is to acknowledge as retard is to
disdain repudiate disown disavow

5. race is to fatigue as fast is to
Hunger run quick nourishment anorexia

6. purity is to evil as suavity is to
Outrageousness bluntness boorishness sophistication darkness

7. circle is to arc as square is to
Right angle perimeter point line area

8. perseverance is to determination as daring is to
Persistence courage bravado hero

9. bigotry is to hatred as fanaticism is to
Justice arbitration violence opinionated intolerance

11. assist is to save as request is to
Affirmative command ask agree aggressive

12. control is to order as anarchy is to
Discipline government chaos stability power

13. delusion is to mirage as specter is to
Diabolic apparition spy heresy spiritualism

14. Insult is to invulnerable as assault is to
Regulation democracy rights government monarchy

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