Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Stress in New Zealand

According to a survey made by New Zealand Now in 2004, 14 percent of New Zealanders were always stressed, and 3 percent were absolutely isolated or lonely. This means that in 2004 there were more than 560,000 people who were stressed and 120,000 were isolated respectively in New Zealand.

What is a stress? Everyone has stress. For example, when people go to an interview, they probably feel stressed. The stress comes from their potential employers. When students are taking an exam, they are stressed because they concern about the failure of it. Stress exists almost everywhere in our routine lives.

How stress comes to us? Stress mainly comes from workplaces, because all adults need to work hardly. Some stress comes from broken or separated families, other stress comes from examinations, interviews, etc. Generally, stress widely exists on every different level.

There two main symptoms of stress. Physically, when people are stressed, they will be feeling like sweating, trembling, or get a stomachache or dizziness, etc. Mentally, people will feel that they do not want to work; their lives are hopeless or meaningless. They feel they are very ill. Stress could lead to a very serious consequence, however, it can be overcome. Following are 12 ways to reduce stress retrieved from Yahoo Health:-

Do exercise
Eat real fresh food
Talk to people
Keep sense of humor
Stay grateful- saying thank you
Have some fun
Take a deep breath
Keep it simple
Turn off the TV
Drink water

Personally, I think massage is also a good way to reduce the stress. Some of my friends suggested that sexual activity was also a good way to help. Basically I agree with their idea, yet among those stressed people, many of them are single. Hence, I would like to say that the best way to reduce our stress is to forgive, understand and support each other.

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